Mcdvoice Survey – McDonald’s Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Big retail food chains are very careful about the service they are providing. Take the example of the McDonalds. The McDonalds is one of the most popular retail fast food chains, millions of foodies love that. The McDonalds is cautious about the customers and the service provided in the restaurants. There are many methods to improve the service, but nothing better than conducting the Customer Satisfaction survey. Most of the popular fast food chains are known for conducting a feedback survey. The McDonalds is conducting the McDVoice survey, which is aimed at collecting the feedback from customers and improving the service.

The survey is not just about the improvement of the current services of McDonald’s, but it’s also about the introduction of new features and new future coming surprises of their food. With the help of feedback received from the participants, the McDonalds management will implement the popular suggestions to improve the overall experience of their respective customers. That is how the administration introduces the new features and the new items in the Menu over all of the outlets in the world.

The McDvoice survey was introduced by mcdonalds to know about the experience of the customers that come to their outlets, the survey lets them know if the customer is happy or not with their services and also what improvement they can do to make their customers more happy, the McDvoice survey is conducted online and any customer who is taking the survey is asked about their experience regarding the food the behaviour of the staff of that certain outlet the cleanliness and also the customer service provided by the people.

Through the McDvoice survey you as a customer can let the management of mcdonalds know about your experience, the management will also be able to know your opinion about their food quality, service, and also the staff. Some of the questions may be based on the environment of the store such as condition of the restrooms or the cleanliness of the store. The mcdvoice survey is aimed at knowing its customers true feelings towards mcdonald after they have visited their store.

McDvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey from McDVoice is nothing but the customer satisfaction survey. If you are not receiving excellent service from the staff at a particular outlet, then you can share the details through the portal and inform the management about the arrogant team. Next time you go there, you won’t find the arrogant staff. Well, as the companies are extremely cautious about the customer feedback and the services provided to them. So, if you think the five minutes you are spending sharing the feedback of your recent trip to the McDonalds outlet are worthless, then you are wrong.

Mcdvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

The companies like McDonald’s are very serious when it comes to bad feedback’s from their regular customers. You may receive a positive reply from the Support staff, and your bad experience will be addressed immediately and you will be provided a good compensation in form of coupon code or other future discounts which you can avail anytime at their restaurant. If not you, then your honest feedback or the suggestion will help other foodies and customer visiting the outlets.

Who is Conducting McDVoice Survey?

As the name suggests, the MCDVoice Survey is conducted by the Fast Food giant McDonalds company. The same McDonalds which is famous for burgers, french fries and shakes, the same restaurant where you eat burgers and share happy meals with your friends and lovely family members. The McDonalds is one of the best places to eat with your friends and family members as they have amicable staff and delicious food items.

Mcdvoice Survey - McDonald's Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

The McDonalds is the leading fast food restaurant chain built by the Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California in the year 1940. Due to the quick quality service and delicious food making, the McDonalds started gaining popularity and currently known as one of the leading fast-food chains in the world. The company is very cautious about the service they provide to the customer. So, they are conducting the McDvoice survey and providing free McDonald’s coupon for burgers and drinks if you complete the survey on their official website.

McDvoice Store Hours

The McDonalds is the multinational fast food restaurant chain, that is available in almost every corner of the earth. Every country has different rules about the opening and closing time of the Fast Food Restaurants. As we are in the United States of America, we are pleased to talk about the same in the USA. Well, the survey site supports feedback received about all of the stores across the United States. No matter what is their opening and closing time or if they are 24-hour open outlets, the company accepts your honest feedback.

Most of the outlets of the McDonalds are open 24 hours a day 365 days. There is no downtime for serving the customers. Some of them have a fixed time, but most of the favorite locations never shut down except for the maintenance issues. If you see any 24-hour place denying to serve you food or staff is not friendly, then share your feedback on to help McDonalds Customer Service Executive to take appropriate actions against them.

Requirements of McDvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

Not everyone is eligible for McDvoice Customer satisfaction survey and enter into the sweepstakes rewards. There are specific requirements that you have to fulfill to join the Customer Satisfaction survey at site. The requirements are introduced to avoid the dishonest feedback and only to receive honest feedback from genuine customers to improve their quality of food, services and many other things. If you are willing to share your feedback with McDonald’s, then here are the requirements to enter in the same. Survey Requirements

  1. You should have a McDonalds Purchase Receipt(Bill) with Survey Code printed.
  2. Computer with High Speed Internet Connection is must.
  3. You must speak or understand the English or Spanish language.
  4. You must be 18 year or older at the time of participation in the survey.
  5. Participate in the Survey within 30 days of your last visit to the McDonalds Restaurant.
  6. Participants can participate only one time per valid purchase receipt.
  7. If you are fulfilling all of the requirements mentioned above and ready to follow the rules, then you are good to enter in surveys to share your honest feedback and win exciting offers.

Take McDonald’s survey @

The McDonalds has created a simple and unique website only for collecting the feedback from the visitors. The is the site designed by the company to receive the input and suggestions and then send it to the customer care team to take appropriate actions. On this site, you can enter your Survey code and share the feedback with the team and get a proper coupon like the Buy One Get One coupon instantly after completing the survey. The website user interface is really simple and easy to use, any novice user can quickly understand and survey won’t even take more than 2 minutes to complete.

How to Enter into this Survey?

The steps to enter in the McDonalds survey are pretty simple, and there is no need of getting confused. Here, I will guide you with exact steps to enter into this Mcdvoice. Con survey and share your honest opinion about their service and get the Buy One Get One coupon as a reward for participation. Here are the exact steps that’ll guide you to enter into the surveys.

McDVoice Survey

  1. First of all, open the web browser on your system and enter in the address bar and press ENTER button from your keyboard.
  2. The survey website will open immediately in the  browser. Find the 26-digit survey code present on the Bill Receipt and enter it on the site.
  3. Click on the “START” button to start the survey process.
  4. They will ask you about the taste of the food which you bought, quality of that food, temperature of that food and how fast the service was. Review all of them by selecting the radio button which will be there on your display screen.Mcdvoice Survey Food Review
  5. Click on Next, and then they will ask you about the visit at their McDonald’s branch and the behavior of the stuff present there.Mcdonald's survey questions
  6. Answer the questions honestly and tick the appropriate parameters asked in the survey. Try answering all questions if possible.
  7. Once the survey is completed, it will show Thank you for completing this survey on your screen and you will get email confirmation instantly.Mcdvoice Survey Completed
  8. After completing the survey, you’ll receive the Buy One Get One free offer coupon code. Carefully note the coupon code and use it next time you visit the outlet, you can also
  9. Now, you’ll be asked to enter in to the Sweepstakes survey. If you are interested in winning the $100 gift cards, then you can freely enter in the sweepstakes without any interruptions.
  10. If you are  not interested in sweepstakes, then there is no restriction to enter in the same. You can end the survey and enjoy food with your BOGO coupons and other discount offers.

Survey Rules

The rules to enter into this survey are pretty basic. There are no controversial rules that prevent you from entering the study even if you are eligible for the same. Here are the essential rules, that prevent fraudulent feedback from the competitors.

  1. Participant must be of legal age before entering in to the survey.
  2. Only the receipts which have survey code can be used to enter into the survey.
  3. Only one entry is allowed per valid receipt with survey code, if you do it again with same code then there are chances of disqualifications.
  4. The participant must use the Receipt within 30 days of visit to enter the survey.

Survey Instructions

As is said earlier, the McDvoice is pretty cautious about the feedback they receive from the survey. If they found anything wrong with survey they immediately takes steps against that part. Recently they fired few employees in LA because the behavior towards the customer was very rude and the food they received was quite burned, these small things lower the value of the brand and that’s why they have open up Mcvoice survey for us.. So, the etiquettes or the instructions are very helpful for the users to record honest feedback and the suggestions on the site. Here are the instructions to understand before entering in the survey. Survey

  1. Make sure you don’t enter the survey with malicious intent like defaming the employee, sharing false feedback or paid feedback else they will directly ban your IP address for using false language.
  2. Make sure you are 18 years or older before entering the surveys. The feedback from underage participants will be ignored immediately.
  3. You cannot use the same survey code multiple times to record the suggestions. One survey code is usable for one time only.
  4. The Buy One Get One coupons or the gift cards can only be used at the McDonalds outlets. Transferring them to third-party is strictly prohibited.
  5. If you want to attend their events and food fest where they introduce new food items monthly then you have to subscribe to their new letters. Be a regular customer of McDonald’s and they will invite every time they are launching any item in their menu.

Contact Details For Survey

Mobile:  1-800-244-6227.


McVoice Customer Support Mailing Address

1 Mcdonald’S Plaza

Oak Brook, IL60523

Note: The above address is of main branch(Headquarters). If you file any complain there, it will taken into action immediately, although you still have to wait 24 hours for a proper resolution.


The companies like McDonald’s are cautious when it comes to serving food to their customers. They want to cater their customers with the best possible service worldwide, as the McDonalds survey helps them to eliminate all of the negative roadblocks that come in between them and the customers. If you are happy or unhappy with the service received from any of the  McDonalds restaurants, then sharing the honest feedback with details is very helpful for the staff to rectify the errors and avoid such mistakes again in future if there are any. I hope you’ll enter into the survey and share your feedback and enjoy your BOGO coupon for happy meals.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably happy to receive information on products and services – as long as it is relevant to your interests and needs. With this in mind, Mcdvoice Surveys aims to help you to get more of the things you want by keeping you informed of great offers from our side with new meals everyday and at the same time a chance to win great prizes.

Why you should Submit Survey after having a meal at McDonald’s

You must be wondering that why you should complete and submit a survey of Mcdvoice after eating a meal at Mcdonald’s restaurant? Well here is the thing, Mcdonald’s company provide us varieties of burgers, french fries and many more other food items in cheap price with good quality and quantity. Don’t they deserve a honest feedback from their regular customers? If you submit a honest feedback of their restaurant then it will help them serve you better the next time you visit the same restaurant.

Mcdonald’s always care about their customer and if the customer face any issues with the food, they instantly replace the food and in best cases they refund the whole money and offer you a free meal. Such policies you won’t find it in any other restaurants like Burger king, Dominos, etc.

Submitting Survey is Worth?

If you regularly eat at Mcdonald’s Restaurant and you find something wrong with the respective food then you can directly login in to and enter the survey code which is printed on your bill and write the feedback.

They won’t take such feedback for granted. All you need to do is, open the official survey website of mcdonalds, enter the survey and then you have to mention the store, area, which mcdonald’s franchise and your feedback.

If they find your feedback was totally right then they will also offer you free coupons and codes which you can redeem it anytime when you visit the store to reduce your hunger.

In case, if you are facing any kind of trouble while completing the mcdonald’s survey then you can ask your queries in comment section below we will surely help you out.

We have also made a detailed guide on how you can properly submit Mcdvoice Survey.

Just directly go to and enter your survey credentials which are printed on bill and click on start button and write your feedback as shown in this image below.

McDVoice Survey

Once the survey is completed, your screen will display Thank you for completing Survey message and within few days you will receive a mail regarding your feedback response and it may also contain few coupons and codes worth 20$ which you can redeem at any Mcdonald’s franchise across the country.

Mcdvoice Survey Completed

That’s guys, you are done. Let them know how was your experience at Mcdonald’s and they will surely help you out if they find any issues. I recently submitted a feedback and I got 15$ worth coupon. It means I can eat anything I want at Mcdonald’s which worth 15$ and above that I have to pay for it.